Rajinikanth drops a subtle hint of entering into politics soon!

Rajinikanth drops a subtle hint of entering into politics soon!

Superstar Rajinikanth has dropped a hint to his fans saying that he might get into politics soon and that they should get back to their duties while being ready for war. While addressing a large crowd today, he said, “The system is corrupt, we all need to work together to change it.” He even mentioned that opposition is a basic necessity to grow in politics.

Calling the Tamil Nadu assembly opposition leader M K Stalin as an able administrator, he praised saying, “Cho would tell me that Stalin will function very well if given a free hand.” He made mentions of other political leaders.

“Anbumani Ramadoss has vast knowledge. He has travelled the world and has some good plans. He can be a modern thinker. Thirumavalavan is working for the dalits. Seeman is a fighter. I have been amazed by some of his talks.” He also added, “There are also the national parties.”

He likes to call himself a true-blue Tamilian. Says, “I spent only the first 23 years of my life in Karnataka. For the last 44 years I have grown up with you. With your love and support, you made me a Tamilian. My ancestors including my father are from Tamil Nadu. If you throw me out of Tamil Nadu I will not land in any other state. I will land on the Himalayas. If I can’t be with the Tamil people on this earth, I would rather be with the siddhars residing in Himalayas.”

To the resounding applause from his fans, Rajinikanth asked them, “What is wrong in serving the people who have raised me to the top. Why should I not expect their lives to improve too?” He told his fans not to get affected by the negative, abusive comments online and instead consider it an opportunity to grow. “A plant will only grow if you press the seeds firmly into the soil. They are applying the pressure on us, to help us grow. They don’t even know that.”

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