Kangana Ranaut finally speaks on Apurva Asrani’s controversy over ‘Simran’ credits

Kangana Ranaut finally speaks on Apurva Asrani’s controversy over ‘Simran’ credits

Today we got filmmaker Hansal Mehta’s reaction on Apurva Asrani’s co-writing controversy for the upcoming movie ‘Simran’. And we were all only waiting for Kangana Ranaut to comment on the same, since she’s the one who’s being accused for.

She spoke about this in an interview with a leading daily saying, “Apurva’s story was this dark thriller about a drug-addict who goes into a life of crime. It also had a lot of flavour of Wolf of Wall Street with share market jargon thrown in. I made it very clear that if we’re making a film with a budget of Rs 30 crores, we need to make at least 60 cr to even break-even. With the kind of script we had, that wouldn’t be possible as it’d appeal to very limited people. Hansal then told me that I was free to talk to Apurva and get the script tweaked to make it more accessible.”

Adding to which she said, “Now let’s make something very clear: actors are very money-oriented. Some actors even take money to cut ribbons at a store. I’m not dying to lend my creative ideas and writing ideas when I’m being paid to act. Actors always want to be blown away by a dazzling script. When that’s not the case, you need to fix it. When I started collaborating with Apurva, I realised this isn’t a writer who matches my expectations. And when I enquired about his previous writing work, I realised he hadn’t done them.”


She went on to explain about her involvement with Asrani’s script and said, “Yes, there were sessions but those were mostly me expressing my disappointment with the writing. Nobody can take away from the fact that if Simran today is a story of a divorced woman, it’s entirely introduced by me. If the film has feminist undercurrents, I included that. The father-daughter track, the lover’s track in the film—these are subplots that I added. Even Apurva cannot take away from that… Later, Hansal did a draft of his own and I could sense that he was under enormous pressure. He wanted to break away from Apurva but he couldn’t. We did three drafts together and I still wasn’t satisfied. I couldn’t sense a spark. Finally, Hansal and I agreed that we’ll fine tune this in the US (they reached there about a fortnight in advance) and I’ll write the dialogues on sets.”

Not only the actress and the director, but also the producer Shailesh Singh criticised him dragging the film through a controversy over writing credits. “I have worked with Apurva on two of his biggest films—Shahid and Aligarh. Apurva has a legal document in his possession signed by all parties—Kangana, Hansal, Mehta (director), the producers and himself wherein he agrees to the credits given by us.”

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